Man arrested for rape, kidnapping and burglary in southeast Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY - Police have arrested a man for rape, kidnapping and burglary after investigators said he forced himself inside a woman’s Sunnyview apartment.

Dayvante Sterns knocked on the woman’s door to borrow her cellphone. Minutes later, he went back and asked to use the phone again and if the victim was dating; she said no.

“He asked if he could use the bathroom, she agreed to let him come in and used the bathroom. Once he came out, he closed the door to the apartment, had her trapped inside,” said MSgt. Gary Knight.

Police documents said Sterns was armed with a knife, he shut the front door and put the knife to the victim's throat and threw her to the ground.

Documents went on to say Sterns got on top her and said "You shouldn't have rejected me. Don't scream, or I’ll kill you."

The victim began to fight back when Sterns allegedly stabbed her in the arm and repeatedly sexually assaulted her.

Documents said Sterns forced the victim to take a shower while he cleaned his clothes using the victim’s washer and dryer. He later allegedly tied the victim’s hands and feet together with a cord and went through her apartment.

The suspect stole the woman’s debit card and her gaming system.

"It's a little nerve wracking to say the least - I live here. I see a bunch of kids around here, too," said Kasen Haddix.

Neighbors in the southeast Oklahoma City neighborhood are hearing about the assault for the first time.

“Just because I'm new to the area - I haven't been here that long, I usually always keep my door locked and stuff like that, but it really didn't seem like that kind of place,” Haddix said.

Court documents also show, hours earlier the same day, Sterns allegedly tried to assault another woman at the same apartment complex using the same lines.

Sterns is accused of forcing himself inside the victim's apartment, but the affidavit said she fought back; she even bit him on the hand until he ran away.

Surveillance in the area helped police identify the suspect.

“A little bit weary more or less - I'll keep an eye out better,” Haddix said.

Sterns was already out of jail on bail for confessing to an armed robbery at a Family Dollar. He was caught on video.

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