Oklahoma attorney general calls on FCC to block robocalls, scammers

OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter has joined several other attorneys general from all over the country in the battle against robocalls.

Hunter joined a coalition of 34 state attorneys general in sending a letter to the Federal Communications Commission, calling on the commission to adopt new rules to allow telephone service providers to block robocalls and scam phone calls before they reach consumers.

The group wants service providers to be able to use new technology to detect and block illegal robocalls, even those appearing to come from local phone numbers.

“Illegal robocalls are irritating and disconcerting, and phone scammers are successfully able to steal personal information, leaving Oklahomans susceptible to identity theft,” Attorney General Hunter said. “It is time to take more action and give service providers more tools in order for them to protect consumers from these scams. I appreciate my colleagues for continuing this fight to protect our families, neighbors and loved ones across the Unites States. Working together with state partners, the federal government and law enforcement personnel, we will find a way to end these calls and give Oklahomans protection and peace of mind.”

The group says that they have received tens of thousands of consumer complaints regarding robocalls, but they have a difficult time enforcing laws against the callers on their own.

Robocalls are blasting consumers at a record pace.

Now there is an app for that.

Robokiller not only blocks spam calls, but it wastes the scammer’s time, using answer bots to keep them on the line as long as possible.

App creator Ethan Garr said, “We have kept scammers on the phone with our answer bots for over an hour, but most are just 2-3 minutes.”

The more time scammers are distracted, the less time they have to scam someone else.

The Robokiller app will run you anywhere from $2.49 to $3.99 per month.

Last year alone, Americans received roughly 30.5 billion illegal robocalls.

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