Pets, residents in Oklahoma town attacked by pack of dogs

AVANT, Okla. – An Oklahoma community is on edge following a series of attacks by a pack of dogs.

Johnna Brown tells FOX 23 she went out on her property recently and saw that her donkey, Floppy Joe, had become a target for the dogs.

“Now that they’ve had a taste of blood, they’re not going to stay away,” Brown said.

Brown says five dogs broke through her fence and attacked Floppy Joe, who now has deep puncture wounds across his body. A neighbor saw the dogs attacking the donkey, and was able to scare them off with a stick.

“They have bitten my son, they have bitten our friends, both of them. They have bitten a child, and all of this is once or more,”¬†Anita Buckman said.

Brown says she has tried to get in touch with the dogs’ owner, but has not heard back. She has also reached out to the city for help.

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