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Family keeps woman’s spirit alive by giving back to Oklahoma students, teachers

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OKLAHOMA CITY - It's a sweet surprise that's been playing out in our state: teachers given a gift with extra special meaning.

"It was so easy to think that was something Morgan would have wanted," said Casey Boles.

Casey's wife, Morgan Boles, an Oklahoma Native, always had a heart for others.

"She just was one of the world's most kindest, sweetest people that you have ever met," Casey said.

"She was very caring and giving towards everybody she knew," said Morgan's brother, Garrett. "She would give you the shirt off her back if need be."

The caring spirit really came to a head this past year during the teacher walkouts at the state capitol. Though they had moved to Washington - Morgan and her wife, Casey, watched from afar.

"We were so fired up, and so mad and passionate about so many things that occurred there, and we felt so proud of our teachers that marched to the capitol, and went on strike, and put signs out and just really spoke up for their community and it made us so proud to be a part of Oklahoma," Casey said.

At the time, the two were newlyweds, just starting their life together.

But, little did anyone know - the love story would be cut short. Morgan passed away very suddenly while on a trip this fall.

In the midst of their grief, the family chose not to accept traditional gifts.

"She's not the type that really likes flowers," Garrett said.

Instead, the family set up a GoFundMe to help out Oklahoma students and teachers. By the time two weeks had passed - they had raised about $12,000.

The money was distributed to charities for children as well as personally delivered to teachers in the state.

"I would say, for the first time in three weeks, I was able to feel joy, and so that's how that felt," Casey said.

Each teacher was given a little more than $600 to spend however they please.

Casey said she even encouraged the teachers to take care of themselves with a spa day or whatever they needed but - every time - the response was the same.
It is going to their students.

"I think that needs to go recognized because that's who our Oklahoma teachers are," Casey said.

Keeping a loving, caring spirit alive - one act of kindness at a time.

The family is now thinking of ways to continue the mission.

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