Motorist upset about pothole and disconnected number

OKLAHOMA CITY- A metro driver says a pothole damaged his car, and when he went to report it to the city, the phone number was disconnected.

"Probably a foot and a half by a foot and a half, I didn’t even see it as I was driving," David Morris said about a pot hole in far west Oklahoma City.

He says he hit it Friday on the way back from taking his kids to school.

"The car almost bottomed out. I have a small car so it wasn’t pretty at all...super frustrated now."said Morris.

He noticed the car not driving right so he took it to a tire shop.

"They told me it had broken some belts inside.. the steel belts." said Morris.

He was irritated about replacing his tires so, he looked up the number to report potholes and found out the number has been disconnected.

Morris says he found another number.

"Transfer after transfer but they got me in the right place.  Oklahoma City has contacted me back and said they are going to fix the pothole," said Morris.

But when he was on the same road the next Monday he saw something disturbing.

"I took the kids back to school and I was on my way back and I saw another car in the same location that I was in that had a flat tire," Morris told News 4.

We talked to the city about that disconnected number.

"If we have some information that’s incorrect on the website we need to go back and check that out and we will take care of that today," said Kristy Yager, spokesperson for the City of OKC.

Yager says there is a whole action center online where OKC residents can report pot holes but they can also call or text the main number.

"Anytime people see a pot hole we need them to report it to the city immediately because we want to get out and take care of it before someone gets hurt or car gets damaged." said Yager

As for David Morris, he has a warning of his own.

"Watch out out there. These potholes will jump out at you and you don’t even realize it."

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