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Oklahoma man attacks woman and her daughter with a pipe wrench

BRADLEY, Okla. – Authorities say a man attacked a woman and her daughter with a pipe wrench. The woman was at her home airing up a tire on her car and her daughter was inside the vehicle.

“As she was standing there she heard a big bang,” said Undersheriff Phil Blevins with Grady County. “She looked up, she saw that her brother-in-law had used a wrench, a big pipe wrench, and had hit the windshield of her husband’s vehicle.”

Investigators say that brother-in-law is Bryson Johnson. He allegedly lived nearby and rode up on his bicycle.

Fearing for her life, the woman jumped in her car and locked her and her daughter inside. Johnson was still armed.

“When I say a pipe wrench, some people may think something like this,” said Blevins. “But we’re talking about a 3-foot-long pipe wrench and weighed about 36 pounds.”

After giving her husband’s car a beatdown, Authorities say Johnson came after the woman and her daughter.

“He swung that big pipe wrench and it came through and it hit the passenger seat of the car,” said Blevins. “The child, fortunately, was in the rear seat.”

Investigators say Johnson didn’t stop here, he allegedly tried to pry the wrench from the windshield an cut his hands in the process.

The woman was able to drive away with a flat tire and call authorities, who found Johnson in a nearby field.

They say he confessed to being high.

“That he had used meth, that he was high on meth,” said Blevins. “And he began saying that they killed my wife.”

As it turns out, Johnson’s wife wasn’t dead. She was actually in jail.

He then started singing as he was taken to jail.

“He was singing Amazing Grace and he continued to sing that,” said Blevins.

The woman and her daughter weren’t hurt.

Johnson is in jail for assault with a deadly weapon.

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