Shawnee police investigating dozens of credit card fraud cases

SHAWNEE, Okla. - Shawnee police are investigating after receiving multiple reports from people that their credit card information was used fraudulently at ATMs around town.

The information was mostly used at two different First United Bank ATM’s on Saturday evening.

“I basically cried when I found out they took the rest of my money. I was like all right, I’ve got a week of fall break and I can’t do anything,” said one of the victims, Chantel Jones.

Jones’ account was wiped out and she’s still working with her bank to get it back.

It’s made the very first payment on her new truck late.

"They said they'd delay it but I still have the late fees and I still have the if I don't get it paid by Friday, there's going to be another late fee on top of it,” said Jones.

The thieves also tried to take money out of her daughter’s account.

“I called my bank. They cancelled my card. And today I got another notification that they attempted $300 on Amazon,” said Maggie Wells.

Shawnee police released surveillance video today.

It shows two men in a minivan inserting card after card after card, withdrawing money from multiple people’s accounts; anywhere from $100 to $500.

Police say no one’s cards were actually stolen.

The thieves put the information on the magnetic strip of blank cards.

"I don't know exactly how it works as far as how they acquired the pin numbers but you have to have a pin number to use an ATM so they had the pin numbers somehow or where able to bypass that pin number,” said Det. Sgt. Jason Crouch with the Shawnee Police Department.

Police say they have identified a common thread with all the victims they’ve spoken to so far.

They all shopped at a convenience store in far southeast Oklahoma City, Stella Grocery.

But police are not sure exactly how the thieves were getting the information there.

"Whether it was a skimmer, whether it was some kind of off-site bluetooth technology or whatever it was,” said Det. Sgt. Crouch.

"It really just makes me sad that they have to go take somebody else's money rather than go get a job,” said Jones.

She and her daughter hope the police catch up to the men soon.

A manager at Stella Grocery tells us they are checking all of their devices to make sure there are no skimmers and they are cooperating with police in the investigation.

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