A “Granny” with a story

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WEATHERFORD, Okla. - Inside Burcham Elementary in Weatherford, Oklahoma, is a special kind of teacher.

Her name is Terry Fuller. But the kids all call her Granny Terry.

“Always listen and obey your parents and your teachers,” Granny Terry tells the kids when she first meets them.

But that’s not what makes her special; a lot of dedicated educators will give their students that kind of advice.

Granny Terry is special because of what she does in the classroom as a volunteer reader for the kids at Burcham.

Every week, for years now, Granny Terry comes and reads a story to different classes at the school.

But she’s not just a reader. She dresses for the part as well.

A different costume designed to correspond to the story she is reading.

Dressing as an elf for a Christmas story book, or a unicorn for a fairy-tale or an Indian princess and so many other costumes.

For all she does for the kids at Burcham, school nurse Jane Cole nominated Granny Terry for Pay It Forward.

“She loves the kids! That’s her whole goal!” exclaimed Jane. “She wants to be with the kids and anyway she's an awesome lady."

We surprised Granny Terry with 400 dollars from First Fidelity Bank in a classroom where she was reading.

She teared up and told us she would do anything for the kids. That she loves all of them.

I told her, “I can tell you're a little overwhelmed right now.”

“Yes, I am,” she said. “I never expect things you know.”

A humble servant with a humble heart.

Granny Terry has been a part of the lives of all the students at Burcham, so the principal called a school-wide assembly so all of them could celebrate the honor bestowed on her.

As one, the student body roared “WE LOVE YOU GRANNY TERRY!”

With tears in her eyes she quietly whispered, “Thank you. I love you too.”

She proves it every week with her special stories and costumes.

Granny Terry’s way of… Paying It Forward.

Pay It 4Ward is sponsored by First Fidelity Bank.

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