Flooding at Lake Texoma has locals taking precautions, but doesn’t keep them away

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Lake Texoma (file)

KINGSTON, Okla. – Too much rain has caused many parks, campgrounds and boat ramps to close at Lake Texoma.

“It`s a little muddy out there,” said Roger Raines, a fishing guide on Lake Texoma. “The lake level is a little high, but the fishing is great, so no complaints. Just a little trouble loading and unloading.”

Lake Texoma is 11 feet above normal right now and still rising.

The Army Corps of Engineers say they`re letting out about 128 thousand gallons a second to bring it down.

Although Gary Scarberry and Roger Raines say the fish are still biting, the flooding has made their job as guides a little tough.

“Just getting our people in the boat for the most part because we get a lot of elderly folks and going down these hills with everything being muddy and slick,” said Raines. “We try to do our best to try to find a good spot for them.”

They say in 2015, it was much worse than this– seventeen feet higher than it is now.

Julie Roach, the State Park Manager, says they’ve shut down one of their most popular campsites and a few boat ramps.

“We move all of the things that we can,” said Roach. “If we have wooden picnic tables, we move all of those out. Just try to protect our assets as best we can.”

She hopes people still come to enjoy the lake with caution!

“Tend to be a little cautious because there`s picnic tables that are under the water that you can`t see, concrete picnic tables and degree at this end of the lake,” said Roach.

Roach says to check the Lake Texoma State Park website for updates on closings of campsites or boat ramp access or to call their office with any questions.

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