Tinker Air Force Base clears up confusion over spooky siren noise

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. - The eerie sound floated through the air in neighborhoods around Tinker Air Force Base around 10:00 Tuesday night and again around 7:00 Wednesday morning.

“It was eerie, something that you would hear in a science fiction show,” said Sue Dunagan.

Dunagan’s neighbors started texting her wondering what it could be.

“I said well it’s either a malfunction, God calling us home or aliens,” said Dunagan.

Dunagan and her husband Floyd have lived near Tinker for 17 years and have never heard a sound like this.

“Well when we didn’t see the space ship we figured we was in good shape,” said Floyd Dunagan.

"I was sitting there I was like what do I do, like because my mom was just freaking out also.  We were all freaking out at my house because we've never heard this siren before,” said Angelina Garcia.

Garcia’s family also heard the sound and wondered what it could mean.

“It was like off a sci fi movie like if you could hear like an alien coming down from earth.  That’s exactly what it sounded like.  And it was so creepy,” said Garcia.

Tinker officials say there was nothing to worry about.

They say the alarm came from a pole in the 38th Cyberspace Engineering Installation Group at the base.

A controller card in the master board malfunctioned.

“I immediately thought that it was coming from Tinker but I didn’t know what could be causing it so it was definitely a little weird,” said Arie King.

Tinker officials say the malfunctioning pole has been shut down for about a week for upgrades to the controller card.

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