Man severely beaten at Tuttle party, officials say

TUTTLE, Okla. – Authorities said a man has been severely beaten at a Tuttle party with underage drinking.

It happened when the 20-year-old man told someone to leave after they drove through his fence. That’s when several other vehicles arrived.

Deputies said Blake Hill and Ethan Calhoun, both 18, along with Lane Vanschuyver, 20, and a teen boy under 18, went towards the victim.

Investigators said the victim heard one of the boys talk about a having a gun on them so he went to get his out of his truck and told everyone to leave.

“Whenever he had turned to go back to his vehicle, they came up, and someone struck him and knocked him down and they began kicking him in his ribs,” said Undersheriff Phil Blevins with Grady County. “He had a laceration to his head. Had staples in his head and also had fractions to the bones in his face.”

The group of boys allegedly kept beating the man until another teen jumped in to stop them. However, he, too, was beaten.

“Anytime you have someone that’s having bones getting kicked while they’re down, in their face and having bones broken in the face, the wrong kick at the wrong place on the face or whatever could lead to the potential for something more serious - brain damage or even death,” Blevins said.

The victim was taken to a hospital, and the four suspects were arrested. At least three of the suspects are facing felony aggravated assault.

“It’s really sad. I’m a parent myself, and I don’t enjoy seeing young people start off their life like this,” Blevins said.

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