California man shares heartbreaking photos of wife, unborn child killed by drunk driver

"A drunk driver speeding down a two-lane highway at 85+ mph in the wrong lane around a blind corner destroyed my family," wrote Zach Kincaid.

If you want to know what the destruction looks like, Zach made it plain to see.

The father of four posted a series of photos on Facebook from the Sept. 26 funeral of wife Krystil Kincaid and his unborn daughter, who was at 36 weeks gestation and to be named Avalynn Onix, reported the Sacramento Bee. They were killed in September in Hemet, California when 28-year-old pro boxer Marcos Forestal, who was allegedly drunk, crashed his BMW head-on into Krystil's minivan.

KTLA reported Zach was on the phone with his wife as the crash happened and heard her scream.

"I put those pictures up so everyone can see the nightmare that I'm living," he told the Daily Mail.

The photos show Zach and his children cradling the lifeless baby, reported People.

Subsequent ones show Zach lowering the lid on his 29-year-old wife's casket, the child is in her arms. In the accompanying caption, he rails against state law, which will see Forestal get a maximum sentence of 10 years if convicted.

"The state of California doesn't think there was intent, but I know driving recklessly in that manner, he didn't intend anything good... my daughter's due date was October 9, a 36-week-old fully-developed baby isn't considered a person in the state of California. How do I explain to my children this injustice?" he said.

A petition seeking to change the laws has garnered 106,000 signatures, and a GoFundMe campaign in support of the family has raised $57,000.

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