Oklahoma City in midst of largest street repair initiative in history

OKLAHOMA CITY - The Better Streets, Safer City initiative was approved by voters last year. It provides improvements to city streets, sidewalks and trails through bonds and a temporary penny sales tax.

"We're putting an unprecedented amount of total dollars, $800 million into street repairs. That's the cost of MAPS3. That's as large or larger than what MAPS4 will be,” said Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt.

Holt said it is the largest street repair initiative in Oklahoma City's history, but many residents don't know about it.

"I'm sort of on a mission to make sure everybody knows because it's an exciting initiative, it's a major initiative and they're going to see it all over the city for better or for worse,” Holt said.

Three projects are already complete, while almost 60 projects are currently underway.

And, more than 400 projects are being planned for lake trails, bike lanes, sidewalks and other street improvements.

One goal is to make it a more walk-able city.

"Plenty of funding going toward streets, plenty of funding going toward the car culture of Oklahoma City, but now for the first time over the last 10 years we have significant funding going to a more walk able city," Holt said.

While it can mean a traffic headache on streets like at Memorial and Pennsylvania Ave., a survey by the city found it’s what residents want, streets remaining a top concern.

It's something they're addressing in a historic way.

"If you're frustrated by the situation of our streets in Oklahoma City, so are we but we're doing something about it. $800 million in street repairs are underway. It's the biggest street repairs in the history or our city's history, and we want people to know about it," Holt said.

For more information, click here. For a list of the projects, click here.

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