Alleged Porch pirate stole from the wrong man

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CANADIAN COUNTY, Okla. – An alleged porch pirate was caught on camera stealing a package off a Mustang porch and admitted to stealing a cross bow from the pickup of Canadian County Sheriff Chris West.

Fred Lee Elliott is jail tonight for these incidents, but he has been arrested before, even serving time in prison for domestic abuse, possession of stolen property and escaping confinement.

“I got on the telephone, and I said hi I'm Chris West, sheriff of Canadian County, last night at the Dollar General store you stole my bow out of my truck and I want it back,” said West, who became a victim of a theft.

West said it happened Monday night when he came back from hunting to stop at the dollar store.

“I came to this Dollar General here on Czech Hall and Reno and when I parked and got out my truck. I made eye contact with the man and he made a comment to me like 'have you had any luck' and I looked at him and said no. I sized him up pretty good,” West said.

It wasn't long before West would see that man again, this time in surveillance photos said West, “I knew immediately that I had gone from deer hunting, to the Dollar General, that someone at the Dollar General store stole it.”

After talking with his team of investigators, West figured out that Fred Lee Elliott was the suspect in the pictures. West said he called the suspect on the phone and said Elliott never denied stealing his bow and later told an investigator he can get back.

“We took him to a convenient store in Canadian County where he actually gone to and sold a $1200 bow for $30."

The bow is now in the hands of another man who allegedly paid for it. The store owner telling News 4 via text messages that he doesn’t know the name of the man police want to question but he is cooperating with investigators.
And while all this was going on, investigators got word Elliott was caught on camera hours earlier breaking the law once again.

“Fred Lee Elliot has showed up on Facebook from some doorbell cams, specifically from one residence where he picked up and stole an item from the front porch,” said West.

Photos show Elliott was wearing the same clothes in the Dollar General and doorbell cam photos.
As for the woman in the photo, West said investigators believe they know who she is and is currently drafting up a warrant for her arrest.

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