Investigation underway after body found in McLoud

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MCLOUD, Okla. - A body was discovered in a McLoud creek Sunday afternoon.

McLoud Police Chief Tom Pringle said a white male in his 20s lying face up in the bottom of the creek, about 5 feet down in a couple of inches of water.

At this time, Pringle said he can’t suspect foul play, but he will be working the investigation as if it is until more leads come in.

As for neighbors, they say the discovery came as a shock.

“Our neighbor came up and said hey, I found a dead body in the creek,” Curt Lanham.

Lanham said he was not expecting to hear something like that going on in his quiet McLoud neighborhood.

“I was really hoping he was kidding but shortly after we seen a few cop cars show up and I realized that he was not kidding,” Lanham said.

It was a little after 1:30 p.m. Sunday when the cul-de-sac was filled with the police, the fire department and the medical examiner.

“The property owner called us about a body he found discovered in a creek behind his house,” said Pringle.

Right now, no one knows how the man got in the creek.

“We don't think he lives right here in this neighborhood, so we're not for sure where he's actually from,” Pringle said.

Lanham said the news of a dead body being discovered is enough to put him on edge.

“Yeah, definitely. I mean this being a different case. Now if it was definitely a shooting, especially this close to our house, would definitely be more rattled,” Lanham said.

The chief says the next step is identifying the body and notifying next of kin.

The investigation is still ongoing.

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