Oklahoma Watches and Warnings

“It can happen to anybody,” Woman warning others after vehicle broken into on Campus Corner

NORMAN, Okla. - Police are investigating after thieves hit multiple cars on Campus Corner over the weekend.

Now, one of the victims is speaking out after the window of her Jeep was shattered. She says the thieves took off with her purse and the handgun she has, with her conceal and carry permit.

“You need to keep your items on you because it takes just a second,” said April Willige.

Willige learned that lesson the hard way this weekend.

She was working out just feet away from where her car was broken into Friday.

“I was in there for maybe 30 minutes and looked up and saw somebody by my vehicle,” said Willige.

Willige ran outside and she and other nearby Campus Corner business owners say they saw a tan SUV driving away.

She looked inside her Jeep and saw her purse was gone.

“I was shocked, distraught, I couldn’t believe that it was happening during the day on one of the busiest days of the week," said Willige.

Willige quickly called her credit card companies only to find out the thieves were trying to go on a shopping spree.

“At 6:43 they had attempted to make a $400 purchase at Ross in Moore," said Willige.

She also realized she wasn’t the only one on the street that was hit by the thieves.

“While I was waiting for the police, there was a gentleman that was a little excited down the street and put two and two together and realized there was another vehicle down on Campus Corner that had also been broken into,” said Willige.

She says they also had a purse stolen from their vehicle.

Willige took a few pictures off a nearby restaurant's surveillance camera of the SUV she believes she saw that may belong to the suspects.

“Unfortunately, this is what we are dealing with in this day and you’ve just got to keep your stuff out of sight,” said Willige.

Willige says she’ll be more aware of her surroundings from now on and hopes others are, too.

“It can happen to anybody,” said Willige. “It can happen anywhere. You just have to be alert. If you see suspicious activity, take a mental note of it because that information could help somebody else a little bit later.”

If you have any information about this case, call police.

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