Bizarre morning home invasion leaves Edmond neighbors shaken

EDMOND, Okla. - A neighbor's routine morning walk turned into a terrifying encounter, resulting in a stranger diving headfirst into a pane glass window.

It happened when Kent Jaecke, on his morning walk around 7 a.m., said "Hello" to a man he passed by, identified by police as Abdirashid Ali.

Jaecke said Ali wasn't wearing shoes, which was a red flag, but was even more alarmed when he realized Ali was following him home for blocks. When they reached Jaecke's house, Ali was right behind him.

"I told him, I said "You shouldn't have followed me,'" Jaecke said. "I got pretty loud with him."

Ali asked to shake Jaecke's hand, and Jaecke obliged but still insisted he leave. That's when Ali allegedly charged him.

"I took two big steps toward him, and I kicked him in the chest," Jaecke said.

Jaecky knocked him down, but Ali jumped back up, this time going after the next door neighbor who was outside trying to call 911.

"He hit my neighbor pretty hard in the eye and cut his eye," Jaecke said.

Jaecke was able to get Ali away and continue wresting him in the street, but nothing could slow him down. Police said that was because Ali had done PCP that morning, throwing him into what they called a blackout state of "excited delirium."

"They get hyper-focused on something and can't snap out of it," said Edmond police public information officer Jenny Wagnon, "and they have super human strength."

Ali was able to escape and rushed at the neighbor's home.

"He tried to kick their door in," Jaecke said, "kicked it probably 15, 20 times."

That didn't work, but Ali wasn't giving up.

"When he couldn't kick their door in, he launched himself through that double pane window, through screen, got halfway through the window and went right on into that house," Jaecke said.

Ali chased the residents into the back of the house. The woman who lived there tried to reason with him, and he grabbed a hold of her.

"When he grabbed her, I kind of lost it," Jaecke said, "so I choked him, I got him in a headlock, I got him to the ground and I held him there until police got there."

According to police, Ali came to from his drugged state when he was in a hospital handcuffed to a bed. He allegedly asked if he had committed a crime and couldn't remember the incident.

Ali was charged with burglary and two counts of assault and battery.

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