City of Durant planning change to medical marijuana ordinance

DURANT, Okla. – A change is coming to the City of Durant’s medical marijuana ordinance.

City leaders say the change came after they were made aware of some concerns of medical marijuana businesses, growers and patients at a town hall meeting.

“We’ve seen other cities that have evidently stepped across that line in the eyes of some of the citizens that have filed lawsuits,” Durant City Manager Tim Rundel told KTEN. “We certainly don’t want to go down that route.”

Originally, city officials say patients were going to have to register as a medical marijuana user. However, that was changed once the city realized it was a violation of patient privacy.

“We realized quickly this is something that we probably don’t want to go down, putting a list of folks together,” Rundel said. “We don’t do that for other medications, and this is certainly another medication that’s offered to our citizens now in a legal form or fashion.”

Patients will still have to comply with state laws and regulations.