Oklahoma City superintendent wants to be more efficient

OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City Public Schools officials said they are set to make big changes if need be to make their district more efficient and equitable.

"We want to be a great district, not a district that does some things great here and there. We believe we can do better by our kids by our families," said Dr. Sean McDaniel.

Just over 100 days after being named Oklahoma City Public Schools superintendent, McDaniel talked with the media Monday about 'P2G' or 'Pathway to Greatness,' the district's plan to overhaul their schools. Huge internal audits have been made across the district.

"We are operating and have for several years at about a 60 percent efficiency so, as we become more efficient - whether it's through closure, whether its through re-purposing consolidation along with that - we have to consider redrawing boundary lines," McDaniel said.

McDaniel said some schools could be closed and turned into community centers or clinics and, with fewer schools to service, programs like music and more counselors per school could become a reality.

"When I say everything is on the table, truly I mean everything is on the table," he said. "We do not have a list of schools we are going to close. We intend to genuinely look at the data, take the input from our committees and make determination later this fall and into the winter about what our school will look like moving forward."

McDaniel said input is key. Parents, teachers, even students are encouraged to take an online survey and attend community meetings in November and January.

McDaniel said he wants all voices heard before he makes his recommendations to the board on March 4.

"We want to provide the opportunity for input from all stakeholders. We believe we can be more efficient. We believe we can provide additional opportunities to our kids and, in the process, be more equitable across the board," he said.

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