Putnam City teacher under investigation for allegedly sending inappropriate messages

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Putnam City High School

OKLAHOMA CITY – Authorities are investigating allegations made against a Putnam City Public Schools teacher.

Officials with the Putnam City Public School District say a teacher at Putnam City High School is currently under investigation after allegedly sending inappropriate social media messages to a student.

The allegations first came to light on Thursday, Oct. 18.

District leaders say the teacher has been placed on administrative leave. Officials say the teacher has been arrested, but the investigation is ongoing.

“A teacher at Putnam City High School is being investigated by police regarding allegations of inappropriate messages sent through social media to a student at the school. The allegations first surfaced on the evening of Thursday, Oct. 18. There was no school Thursday or Friday, but the principal met with the teacher Friday morning. The teacher has been placed on administrative leave. By state law and district policy as part of effort to provide a safe learning environment, all school employees are required to have a clear background check before employment. The employee involved in this situation complied with the policy. This is a situation that must be fully addressed, but not one that defines the character of our teachers or our district. The district believes that a fundamental responsibility of every educator is to make sure students are safe, respected and protected. Any failure to do so is contrary to everything the teaching profession stands for. Right now this case is a matter for the legal system. The district’s job is to cooperate with and respect the integrity of the investigation,” a statement from Putnam City Public Schools read.

At this point, officials have not identified the teacher.

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