Knowing Where They’re Buried: 2 Canadian County residents compile a whole book of ghosts.

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EL RENO, OKLAHOMA -- First comes the question.

What did I see or hear, or even feel in the dark of night, and where did it come from?

Author and ghost hunter Tanya McCoy recalls, "As a child, at the age of six, is where I had my first experience." "And that always leaves you kind of asking."

Tanya McCoy and her writing partner have long since come to the conclusion that departed spirits still walk or float among us.

McCoy continues, "Even when you just scratch the surface there's so much under."

They say there's at least one that runs around upstairs in the old El Reno Hotel.

From the hotel lobby McCoy states, "During one of our conferences I believe one of our groups walked up there and, I believe, saw a full body apparition."

Inside the converted Rock Island Depot and current Canadian County History Museum both writers spent hours combing through old newspaper archives and town histories trying to get some context to shed light on all the ghost hunts they've been on over the past decade.

"You should go on a ghost hunt with us," she says. "You'd have lots of fun."

Both Tanya and Whitney insist their ghost radar is so highly tuned they can feel the presence of spirits way before they unpack their recorders and camera equipment.

The challenge, they say, is getting some people to open up and share.

Whitney Wilson says, "Some people, when you talk about the paranormal, they're like, 'Oh, okay. That's really cool'."

They laid out their plan for a book on a plastic table-cloth, what stories and experiences to include, and then did a lot of research to provide background.

"The books we write are about eighty percent history," says McCoy.

At the former Concho Indian School north of El Reno this collection of old offices and hospital buildings lie open to the elements and much guessing.

Tanya says something appeared to her in an upstairs window.

"I felt like he kind of stepped out onto the landing," she recalls.

They both continue to explore for answers.

Whey they've come up with so far makes for an interesting read on those dark evenings when it's just too spooky to go outside.

"Haunted Canadian County" is available through Haunted America, a division of The History Press.

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