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Grease fire safety tips: What you need to know

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Following a fire that started after grease was left cooking unattended on a stovetop at a northwest Oklahoma City home on Wednesday, the Oklahoma City Fire Department is reminding residents of what to do should it ever happen to you.

  1. Never leave cooking unattended. Not even for a minute. Cooking fires are the leading cause of residential structure fire in the US.
  2. If you do have a grease fire, carefully slide a lid over the skillet. Let it cool off.
  3. A properly-rated fire extinguisher will work on a grease fire, but you must have the correct extinguisher and be trained in its use.
  4. Do NOT use salt, baking powder, sugar, flour or any other common kitchen item on a grease fire. Baking soda used to be used, but fire officials say it is often confused with other white, powdery kitchen items such as flour, which can make the fire worse. They advise residents to avoid this practice altogether.
  5. Do NOT put water on a grease fire.
  6. Do NOT attempt to beat out the fire or smother it with a wet towel or dry towers. You may burn yourself or add fuel to the fire.
  7. Do NOT attempt to carry the burning skillet of grease outside. You could be severely burned, or even drop the skillet, causing the fire to spread.
  8. When in doubt, JUST GET OUT and call the fire department.
  9. Have working smoke alarms in your home
  10. Have a designated meeting place outside and practice your Exit Drill in the Home.
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