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Oklahoma woman warns others about buying vehicles online

MEEKER, Okla. – A woman who purchased a vehicle from a man on Facebook has spent the past month thinking her new ride could be stolen after she never received the title and later learned about the seller’s criminal past.

"Turns out, cheap sometimes is too good to be true,” Cassie Beeson told News 4.

Beeson said the 09-22-19 on the proof of sale was the first thing that tipped her off that something might not be right when she purchased the jeep from the man on Facebook.

"I have a condition. It's called Chiari Malformation. It's a malformation in the skull, pushes your brain stem, your cerebellar tonsils down into your spinal column and it compresses your brain stem,” she said.

Beeson said, because of her condition, she can’t work and didn’t have a car up until September.

"I'm in and out of the hospital so frequently. So, I had to do a fundraiser for a dependable vehicle because one of my doctors is actually out of state,” she said.

Beeson raised $1,200, which was just enough to purchase the jeep from Jeffrey Kay Jr.

"I was excited. I'm like, hey, you know, dependable vehicle, pretty cheap,” she said. "He told us, after we gave him the cash, 'I don't have the title. I'll have it any day now.'”

However, Beeson said it was over a month ago. Then, she discovered two articles by the Stillwater News Press that detailed Kay’s two recent arrests on felony drug trafficking charges for possession of meth and marijuana.

According to the first article, some of the drugs were found in the jeep that Beeson later bought from Kay.

"So, we search the vehicle ourselves to make sure there wasn't anything because that would be our luck - we get pulled over and something be in the vehicle still,” she said.

Thankfully, they didn’t find anything.

After visiting several local police departments, Beeson was able to track down the jeep’s original owner who still has the title, which Beeson will soon have.

Now, Beeson wants to warn others about buying things online.

"Do your homework, make sure, especially if it's on a buy sell group, make sure they do have the title in hand,” she said. "He pulled a big wool over our eyes. I feel so stupid.”

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