60 years. 89 Pistol Petes. A reunion of mascots for OSU Homecoming.

STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA -- You don't have to walk very far inside Gallagher Iba Arena to bump into Pistol Pete larger than life, firing a warning shot into the air.

On this Friday morning a whole crowd of Petes and former Petes were here too remembering what it was like to wear this costume for hundreds of events every year.

"It's a very exclusive fraternity," says Kurt Carter who was Pistol Pete from 1980 to 1981.

"Yeah," agrees Josh Pulver, one of 2 Petes from 2003 to 2005. "We've all had an extremely large head one our shoulders at some point in life."

One of two current Pistol Petes, Steven Vaconi, says his schedule is even busier today.

"Absolutely," he states. "I have 5 or 6 events today."

To a man they wore the 45 pound head, strapped on the Ruger .357 Magnum, and chaps for football, basketball, baseball, and wrestling.

You name it. They were there.

"I'm Pistol Pete No. 40," says Scott Petty. "I was an alternate with Rick Wilson. Then he became my best man."

They all have their stories too.

Micheal Entz, Pete No. 26, recalls pulling his gun on some unruly Missouri fans who tried to pull off his head.

Entz recalls, "I told them. I said, 'look these are blanks but they'll still burn you."

Rick Wilson, No. 39, agrees, "There's nothing to be afraid of. You're carrying a pistol on your hip and a shotgun in your bag."

From rowdy crowds to quiet moments, the memories for these guys seem sharpest even though they had trouble seeing through the small eye and ear holes.

Wilson's theory is, "It's like getting to be a kid all over again and nobody knows who it is."

He's an iconic figure.

Frank Eaton was the ultimate cowboy, a living embodiment of 'The Code of the West'.

These Pistol Petes did their best to represent the actual man and the university with honor.

"Being Pistol Pete was the catalyst that changed the rest of my life," insists Kurt Carter.

Taking off the head for the last time was always hard.

Josh Pulver recalls, "My last basketball game here in Gallagher Iba, I was just balling my eyes out inside the mask."

In some ways that heavy costume stayed on for these lucky few.

One through 89, their pistols are still firing somewhere.

Of the 89 Pistol Pete mascots since 1958, 82 are still living.

To mark their 60th Anniversary, they are all guest of honor for the OSU Homecoming in 2018.

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