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Neighbors in Yukon on high alert after learning suspect is still on the run

YUKON Okla. - The search for the man accused of abducting a Yukon woman is still underway.

Investigators are still actively searching for 23-year-old Adrian Vargas.

The victim was able to get out of the pickup Vargas was driving Thursday night.

Emergency dispatch calls recorded the frantic calls from those who saw the situation unfold from the beginning.

Dispatcher: "911. What’s the address of your emergency?"

Caller: "I’m driving down the road. I’m in Yukon, Oklahoma, driving down Cornwell. There’s a truck driving erratically."

Neighbors said the truck was going at least 70 miles an hour.

Law enforcement from four different agencies chased Vargas.

"Oh my God, it's a high-speed chase," said Bill Frazier, who lives nearby.

Another caller told police she saw Vargas allegedly beating the woman.

"He was beating the [expletive] out of some girl," the caller said.

Yukon police said one caller actually started to follow the red pickup.

Another said the fight actually started outside the truck.

"He was beating her on the sidewalk and seen that I was on the phone," the caller said.

Vargas allegedly shoved the woman in the truck and took off.

During the chase, the victim was able to get out of the truck, but Vargas kept driving away from police.

"I was actually outside, and I heard the car coming; I could hear him coming from a ways," said Melissa Stahl, who lives near the scene.

The chase ended along the road in Mustang, however police said Vargas kept running and hasn't been seen since.

"Oh my God, I've been walking around with my gun all day long," Frazier said.

Now, people who live along Cemetery Road are taking extra precautions just in case the suspect shows up at their door.

"I got my baseball bats, and I went in there, in my gun case and got my double barrel shotgun," said Margie Helms.

Vargas was convicted of domestic violence in 2017.

The victim is still recovering, but she's no longer in critical condition.

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