Mom says girl has asthma attack at school and staff misplaced her inhaler

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A terrifying day at school for a 7-year-old girl.

She suffered an asthma attack and her inhaler was nowhere to be found.

Her mother, Skylara Cherry says the school and teacher both were given one. But, when her daughter needed it, they couldn't find it.

“I asked my teacher where's my inhaler and she said I don't know,” said Jhourni Jones, a student at Crutcho. “She called the office and she said my mom was coming.”

Jones has battled asthma for most of her life.

She was also recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition.

Cherry says it's so hard to watch her daughter be in pain.

“My heart...I could feel it beating in my toes,” said Cherry. “I was scared. Immediately, my adrenaline started rushing as soon as I got to the school.”

She says she didn't have the proper paperwork at the time for Jhourni to carry her inhaler herself at school and that's why the school administration had it.

“I was really upset,” said Cherry. “We ended up sitting down with the principals and the teachers and the teacher told me flat out, 'I forgot that I had it.'”

News4 called the administration at Crutcho multiple times.

One of the secretaries told News4 on the phone the Superintendent was aware we were trying to reach them and they would call us back, but never did.

However, the Principal emailed News4 back and said, “We can’t comment on a student's medical information due to the privacy act. Our student’s safety and security is our top priority at Crutcho.”

Cherry says now that the doctors gave Jhourni the paperwork to carry her inhaler herself, she'll be ok.

But, she is concerned about Jhourni being included on field trips with the school.

Cherry says because of Jhourni's health condition, the school left her out of a field trip on Monday.

“I don't understand how her health needs could interfere with anything as long as she has her rescue inhaler on her she should be fine,” said Cherry.

The school took the kids to a ballet at the Civic Center.

Cherry said the school would only allow Jhourni to go if she went with her.

“It's not fair or right for her to have these health issues and y`all pretty much tell her, if y'all don't have a parent come with you then you can't go,” said Cherry.

Jhourni ended up having a doctor’s appointment, so she didn't go, but the doctors did clear her for future field trips.

“It's been a very long process,” said Cherry. “I feel like I shouldn't have to get her doctor involved."

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