Oklahoma deputy credited with helping track sex offender in Mexico

PAWNEE COUNTY, Okla. – An Oklahoma sheriff’s office is being credited with helping to capture an elusive sex offender in another country.

For three years, Pawnee County Deputy Tamera Chapman had been searching for Kaylnn Meyer, who was wanted for failing to register as a sex offender.

KJRH reports that Meyer had been on the run since 2015 after she was convicted of enabling child sex abuse in Pawnee County.

After learning that there were 12 outstanding warrants for Meyer’s arrest, Chapman began searching for any clue she could find.

“Out of all the offenders that I have, that was the one I was most set on getting,” Chapman said.

Eventually, the clues led Chapman to a Facebook post in Mexico.

Last week, U.S. Marshals arrested Meyer and her boyfriend.

“After I got off the phone with [the U.S. Marshal] I screamed because I was so happy. I was like we finally got her!” she said.