1968 Camaro recovered after being stolen from home in Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma family says there isn’t much left of a loved one’s 1968 Camaro after it was stolen in broad daylight.

“It’s sickening,” Toni LeDonne told News 4 last week.

LeDonne and her family kept her brother’s 1968 Camaro after he passed away, and had plans to fix it up.

“It’s a car that he had for 10 years and he had worked on and put a lot of time and money into, and he was passionate about cars so it’s heartbreaking,” she said.

However, crooks threw a wrench in their plans when they stole the Camaro from a home in northwest Oklahoma City. The car didn’t have a battery, a carburetor and the interior was worn.

The family was hoping to get this piece of family history back where it belongs.

On Monday, family members told News 4 that the car was recovered but there wasn't much left of it.

They say police found the vehicle after it was dumped near S.E. 11th and Laird.