Affidavit: Man arrested after allegedly threatening mass casualty incident in Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY – A man has been taken into custody after he allegedly said that hundreds of people would die in Oklahoma City.

On Oct. 30,  officers with the Oklahoma City Police Department were contacted by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force about a suspicious person taking pictures of the Oklahoma City National Memorial.

Investigators say the man had been seen on several occasions taking pictures of unusual angles and places where people didn’t normally take photos.

Just two days later, police received a call from a concerned party in California.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit,  32-year-old Amiremad Nayebyazdi left a recorded message for his sister in Iran.

“Nayebyazdi told his sister hundreds are going to die in Oklahoma City, something very large is going to happen, it will be on the news and don’t tell mom and dad until after it is seen on the news,” the affidavit claims.

Authorities ultimately confronted Nayebyazdi, who admitted to leaving the message for his sister.

“Nayebyazdi went on to say he ‘hears’ things and he just told her this was going to happen. He said he had not made any explosive devices,” he said.

He allegedly told police that he didn’t want to hurt anyone but had problems. He admitted to not taking his medication for a mental disorder.

Nayebyazdi was arrested on one count of threatening to kill by use of explosive. No explosives were found in Nayebyazdi’s apartment.

The Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum released the following statement:

“As you can imagine, we live and work in a heightened state of awareness and security at the Oklahoma  City National Memorial & Museum, primarily because of the incident in 1995 and premise for which the Memorial and Museum were even built. I am very proud of our staff, NPS Rangers and the Memorial Security team for their vigilant work and for being aware of unusual circumstances and working with local law enforcement teams. We continue to be honored and humbled to work with OKC Police Department, state law enforcement agencies, Joint Terrorism Task Force and the FBI on matters that involve national security and the protection of this national treasure. Law Enforcement agencies showed us again the standard of their great work. The Memorial & Museum remain a very safe place to visit and is monitored by a security team 24/7.”

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