Man arrested for threatening hundreds of Oklahomans

OKLAHOMA CITY - "Hundreds are going to die in Oklahoma City " are just some of the frightening words a man admits he left in a phone message to his sister. He was also seen, on several occasions, taking photos of the Oklahoma City National Memorial.

The man, 32-year-old Amiremad Nayebyazd, is now in custody.

A man from California called Oklahoma City police to let them know about the concerning message the suspect left on his sister's phone in Iran.

Reports said the resident and the suspect grew up together.

The Oklahoma City Memorial is on high alert after the man was caught taking pictures from unusual places on October 30.

The next day, Oklahoma City police got the terrifying tip about the same man.

"They had received information regarding a man who was making threatening statements," said Megan Morgan with Oklahoma City police. "Some of those statements included threats of mass casualty here in the city. Officers immediately responded to that."

Court documents said the suspect called his sister in Iran and said "hundreds are going to die in Oklahoma City. Something very large is going to happen, it will be on the news and don't tell mom and dad until after it is seen on the news."

The caller said he'd heard the information from a mutual friend in Germany.

Oklahoma City police along with the FBI's terrorism task force traced a car seen at the Oklahoma City National Memorial to the suspect. News 4 also found out he was at a recent event we covered.

As investigators searched the suspect's home off Northwest 5th, he admitted to calling his sister and leaving the threatening message. He also admitted he talked about explosions.

The suspect confessed to investigators he has problems and "hears things" but he stopped taking his medications. Court documents detail his past run-ins with police, including an arrest for possession of a controlled and dangerous substance and DUI.

Investigators did not find any evidence of explosives.

The suspect was transported to St. Anthony Hospital for a mental health evaluation and then booked into the Oklahoma County Jail.

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