Voters report ballot box malfunctions in Oklahoma City

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Several people throughout the metro have reported problems with their ballot boxes on election day.

"I was there when the first ballot was cast and the second ballot going in the machine, we got a paper jam message on the machine," said Doug Sanderson, secretary of the Oklahoma County Election Board.

Sanderson said he was out patrolling the stations Tuesday morning when he noticed a problem right off the bat at Wildewood Baptist Church at Northeast 63rd and Kelly. HeĀ said it's one of those things that just happens.

"Sometimes, if you don't feed them in just straight or something, you get a paper jam," he said.

The polling station at the Church of the Resurrection near Memorial and Rockwell also fell victim to one of those pesky paper jams, causing problems for voters for a couple of hours. During that time frame - voters have to make yet another decision.

"You have two choices: you can put your ballot in the emergency bin and we'll feed it in once we're up and running, or you're welcome to stay here and wait until we get it working properly," Sanderson said.

Sanderson said there's no need for concern - all of the votes will be counted.

Oklahomans - choosing what they want for our state's future.

"Keep things the way they are. I think things are going pretty well so far," said voter Evan England.

"I think it's more divided now, more people are maybe - changing," said another voter, Judy Bowlware. "We've had enough of the last two years, and we want something different."

If you encounter problems with your voting experience, you can call the state election board or your county's election board. You can also call theĀ American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma.

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