“We’re going to shoot you,” Suspects accused of tying up man, roommate, still on the run

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Police are searching for several people who broke into a home, held the residents at gunpoint and stole a long list of items including guns, electronics and a truck.

It happened around 11 p.m. Monday at a home near N.W. 50th and Classen.

"I'm still trying to process everything,” Christian Rhodes told News 4.

Rhodes said it started with a knock on his front door.

"I knew him from a past girlfriend. They're related. So, they asked to use the bathroom and I was like, alright, yeah, why not. So, I let him in. And then, next thing I knew three dudes come in,” Rhodes said.

Rhodes said they tied him up, along with his roommate, and threatened them with guns.

"As long as they don't shoot me, that's what I'm thinking. Because they kept saying we're going to shoot you, we're going to shoot you. Then my neighbor actually showed up and he scared them off. That's probably what saved us,” Rhodes said.

Rhodes said the suspects got away with all of his electronics, shoes, hygiene products, guns and his truck.

“I had just bought that truck about two months ago,” Rhodes said.

A short time later, police found Rhodes’ truck at the intersection of SE 18th and Phillips.

Unfortunately, Rhodes said officers told him it looked like the suspects lit it on fire.

"The cops didn't say how bad it was burned, but they said at least the inside is burned and the fire department put it out,” he said.

Even after all of that though, Rhodes said he feels blessed because both he and his roommate were not hurt.

"I'm definitely feeling lucky,” Rhodes said.

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