Oklahoma superintendent accused of trying to smother his girlfriend with pillow

NINNEKAH, Okla. - A superintendent is on volunteer administrative leave after he was accused of trying to smother his girlfriend with a pillow.

Michael Todd Bunch was recently taken to jail for the ordeal, which allegedly happened over the summer at Bunch's home in Lindsay.

"She woke up to him allegedly on top of her, trying to suffocate her with a pillow," said Lindsay Police Chief Clint Wood.

Investigators said the woman, who lived with Bunch, was able to break free and run to a gas station more than a mile away.

The school board said it's trying to figure out what to do next and will be looking at finding an interim superintendent during a special meeting.

News 4 spoke to a parent about the accusations.

"I think it's a bunch of bull... There's no way!" said Tiffany Sullivan. "Todd Bunch is a wonderful man just as a person, okay? He's a Christian. He's a dad who coaches his kids. I mean, outside of school, I've even had to call him with situations with my son that I felt was outside my parental purview."

Sullivan said she hopes the board won't terminate Bunch.

"I hope that my Ninnekah Public School Board knows that this is a farce and he belongs right over there in that office because you ain't going to find no better than Todd Bunch," she said.

News 4 stopped by Bunch's home, but no one answered the door.