Alleged crook caught in lie told to the wrong Harrah police officer

HARRAH, Okla. - A wanted man was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and saying all the wrong things when he was caught in a Harrah residential neighborhood.

According to Harrah police, a reserve officer was patrolling a neighborhood when he saw a red and black Chevy truck driving with a busted out window.

The officer followed the man into a driveway, where the man parked and sat in his car. The officer confronted him and the man identified himself as Justin Standeford. He allegedly told the office he was there to pick up a water heater.

But that was the wrong thing to say to that particular officer, who also owns a heat-air and plumbing company on the side.

"Officer Strong already knew this was wrong because his company had just replaced that hot water heater so he’s just sitting there thinking, 'Hm,'" said Lt. James Waller.

Standeford was caught in a lie and a quick search revealed he was wanted out of Lincoln County for a possession of a cds charge.

Standeford was arrested and when police searched his vehicle, they found suspicious items, including dozens of keys for locks and vehicles on different key chains, a water heater, and a reclamation machine for Freon.

According to court documents, they found a black ski mask in his pocket, "tool boxes with other people's names on them," "lists of addresses which had very descriptive details of where items were," and a fake Facebook account with directions on "how to sell different items using multiple fake accounts."

All of those items are under investigation while officers try to figure out if they're stolen.

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