Prize patrol imposter wants you to prove you’re not dead

OKLAHOMA CITY - Kay Buchanan knows firsthand the allure of big money and bright lights.

She and her girls landed an invite to be on the popular game show, Family Feud, with funny man Steve Harvey.

Kay scored some big laughs, but no fast cash.

Months later she was back home on Oklahoma soil when she received a call on her landline.

She said, “Actually I was at work and they left a voicemail.”

The recording said, “This is John Miller calling you from the Publisher's Clearing House.”

We've all seen the commercials on TV, where the Publisher's Clearing House Prize Patrol sneaks up on a family with balloons and one of those giant checks!

The caller said the prize patrol was on their way to Kay’s house and somehow knew she ordered a bunch of books from Publisher's Clearing House five years earlier.

Oh, and he said the only way she qualified for the big pay day was if she wasn't dead or in a nursing home.

Kay gave the scammer an earful.

“’Well, I am not dead [and] I am not in a nursing home, and I am not stupid.’”

The In Your Corner bottom line:

  • Wiring cash to cover processing fees and taxes is a scam every single time.
  • You can't win a sweepstakes if you don't enter.
  • The PCH prize patrol will never give you a heads up ahead of time to say you've won their big prize. 
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