6-year-old boy who drowned at Lake Draper identified

OKLAHOMA CITY – We’re learning more information about a 6-year-old boy who tragically drowned at an Oklahoma City lake earlier this week.

On Wednesday afternoon, emergency crews were called to Lake Stanley Draper after a 6-year-old boy fell into the water from a boat dock.

Officials say the boy was visiting the lake with his mother and three siblings when he fell off the boat dock into the water.

“They wanted to get out of the house, and kids wanted to look at the water,” said Oklahoma City Fire Capt. David Macy. “Mom brought them down here to the lake and it’s one of the situations where the kids get out of the car, run toward the water before she could catch up with them, the 6-year-old fell off the end of the dock.”

Macy said the boy’s mother jumped in the water to try to save him, but the police report states that she couldn’t reach him. Other bystanders also jumped in the water and worked to pull her to safety.

With a fire station just up the road, fire crews arrived minutes later and began using poles to search the water, trying to pinpoint the boy's location. Divers arrived on scene and found the boy in about 11 feet of water. However, by that point, he had been submerged for nearly an hour.

Sadly, the boy was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Police have identified the child as 6-year-old Evan Graden.

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