“It looks bad on Norman, it looks bad on Stillwater,” OSU student allegedly writes racial slur on receipt

NORMAN, Okla. - An Oklahoma State University student allegedly left a racial slur on his receipt in place of his signature, which is now at the center of a viral tweet.

An employee at Logie's On The Corner, a bar on Campus Corner at the University of Oklahoma, tweeted a photo of the receipt early Sunday evening stating in part: "After working a 16 hour shift yesterday I was delighted to see that one of Stillwater’s very own decided to leave a heart warming note at the bottom of his receipt... Next time you can stay in Stillwater because we don’t need your racist kind around here."

The tweet has been shared nearly 5,000 times as of Monday afternoon.

"It’s just kind of sad people still think that way, act that way and he had the audacity to tell her that," said OU student Justin McCowan. "It looks bad on Norman, it looks bad on Stillwater."

Keelyn Harkey, a freshman at OU, saw the post on Twitter.

"I just thought it was kind of out there, especially by a college campus," Harkey said. "It was weird seeing it on a college campus because you don’t typically see racism on campus."

Molly Macke, also a student at OU, saw it for the first time Monday.

"I just think it’s completely unacceptable and beyond that, it’s shocking to me that we’re in 2018 and people are still writing things like that and doing things like that," Macke told News 4. "Even if it is a joke, you just have to realize that it’s a joke between you and your friends, but it’s not a joke to anybody else, and it’s not a joke to that person and the way it affects them - hurts them, especially if you’re writing a note like that, they don’t know you’re joking. They didn’t hear your tone of voice. It’s not okay if you were joking but especially in that situation."

The official OSU Twitter account replied to the employee's tweet directly and also sent News 4 this statement:

"Oklahoma State University is aware of this incredibly hurtful and insensitive action on the part of one of its students. These actions do not represent or reflect the university’s values or its diverse community. OSU leadership is in communication with the student to ensure he is aware of the gravity of his actions and the impact racially insensitive words and actions can have on others and himself."

OSU's Delta Tau Delta chapter also released a statement Sunday saying the member was expelled through a unanimous vote.

A full statement reads:

"It has come to our attention that one of our members wrote a racial slur on a restaurant recepit in Norman this past weekend. We have expelled him per a unanimous vote in an emergency chapter. Upon discovery of this occurance earlier today, we alerted officials at the university and the head of the Interfraternity Council. We have absolutely no tolerance for bigotry or racial intolerance. This member's actions are not a representation of our thoughts or opinions.

In addition, we are working with Dr. Jason Kirksey, OSU's Vice President for Institutional Diversity, on instituting chapter-wide discussions with the Office of Institutional Diversity to prevent this from happening again. Dr. Kirksey has been gracious with working with us on the situation and we thank him for his assistance."

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