Oklahomans battle first snow of the season

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Many Oklahomans battled snow during their morning commute.

Snow hit many parts of the state early Monday morning.

“I just try to slow down and stay in the slow lane, you know. Then, all the other guys were in a hurry to pass me,” said Carlos Martinez.

Martinez commutes to Oklahoma City from Cashion every morning for work. He told News 4 he was prepared for the snow Monday morning.

“It’s a long drive,” Martinez said. “I gave myself some extra time.”

Other drivers weren’t as prepared.

“Didn’t know it snowed in Oklahoma,” said Lorinda Brown.

Brown is traveling from California to Indiana with her mom.

“The roads have been okay. We haven’t had any problems. No accidents or anything. Me and my mom, she’s my pilot car. I’m following her,” Brown said.

“I was off of oxygen for three months and, then, God healed me but, when we got to Flagstaff, my oxygen level went just way down because it’s so high in altitude. So, thank God, we had my oxygen machine with me,” said Lottie Ahrens, Brown’s mother.

However, while using her car to power the oxygen machine, her battery died a few minutes after that.

Thankfully, an employee at the Love’s gas station at I-40 and Morgan Road jumped her car and got the traveling, mother and daughter duo back on their way.

“I’m trying to get to Missouri today, depending on the weather. So, we’ll see how it goes,” Brown said.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation had salt and sand trucks out treating the roads Monday.

ODOT officials want to remind drivers during winter weather to stay at least 200 feet behind their trucks when they’re treating the roads, leave plenty of space between yourself and the car in front of you and allow yourself some extra travel time.

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