UPDATE: Single dad on a mission to get someone’s attention

UPDATE 11/15/18 - Who knew a simple patch job could make Brent Johnston this giddy.

“I almost fell over,” he said. “I was like, 'Oh my God.'”

Single dad had a ceiling that was coming apart.

He was afraid it was going to cave in on his kids while they slept and for months couldn't get management at Colonial Hills Apartments to do the repairs, so we paid them a visit.

That same day those repairs finally got underway.

Daughter, Braelin, is over the moon, but there for a while, things were touch and go.

She said, “I like it, but when it had a big hole I was worried because it was raining a lot and we couldn't go outside it was going to leak in our house and flood.”

Braelin can't wait to bunk with her siblings in their own beds again.

She said, “I wish Bennett could sleep up there and they two can sleep by themselves and I can sleep down here by myself.”

YUKON, Okla. - When it comes to Brent Johnston's three kids he's not messing around.

He said, “All they keep asking, ‘Daddy, why is there a hole in our ceiling?’”

The hole started out about the size of three of his fingers.  

Now he can put his whole fist through it.

“I can't even let my kids sleep in this room because I'm afraid it's going to collapse,” he added.

Brent can't get anyone from management at Colonial Hills Apartments to repair it, yet he says they expect him to pay rent for an apartment is unsafe for his children.

According to Brent's lease he must promptly notify management in writing for repairs, which he did almost two months ago.

He said when that didn't get their attention, he withheld his October rent, but paid once they started threatening eviction. 

“I'm tired of it,” he said. “I've done everything i can, so my next logical step was to call y'all.”

We stopped by the property's leasing office.

The site manager Brent's been dealing with was out, but that didn't keep us from asking questions about management’s slow response to Brent’s work order.

Moments later we were told to leave the property.

The company running the show is Trinity Multifamily out of Fort Smith, Arkansas.

On their website they list testimonials from satisfied tenants at other properties.

A woman had a clogged toilet and said within 30 minutes a maintenance man had the problem fixed.

Brent says he can't even get anyone to step foot inside his apartment to take a look at the hole, let alone fix it.   

“I know there's bigger problems out there, [but] I've got three kids [and] I'm a single dad,” he said. “It's hard for me to pick up and leave and find another place to live.”

While we never got a call back from Trinity's corporate office, our persistence worked.

Brent tells me he returned home Tuesday to find a maintenance crew inside patching up the hole.

Brent's kids should be back in their room in no time.

We'll check back.

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