Woman struggling with medical bills says she was scammed while selling puppy

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A woman says she was scammed when she tried selling a puppy to help pay her son's medical bills.

"It's really hard. My son is just struggling so much,” Sarah Morales-Ruiz said.

Fighting back tears, Morales-Ruiz told News 4 about her son, who is been battling a rare disease called Behcet’s since he was only 4-years-old.

"We didn't know what was wrong with him. He just had so much pain, he couldn't walk and it just slowly progressed,” Morales-Ruiz said.

Struggling with the medical bills, Morales-Ruiz turned to Facebook and GoFundMe to help raise money to pay the costs associated with his care.

She even bred Pomeranian puppies to sell.

"We had one puppy left. This guy had contacted me and we wanted to go through the process of selling him to him. So, we decided to meet up at Walmart,” she said. "The dog first started at $750 and he asked how I could help. Okay, well I'm struggling, I need money for my son.”

She eventually brought the price down to $400 for the man, who only gave her his first name. He still couldn’t pay in cash, but left her a check.

"I'm supposed to hold it and he's supposed to give me the money next Friday. So, I wait, Friday comes, I don't hear anything. Saturday rolls around, and I text him,” Morales-Ruiz said. "I waited and I waited and since then, the phone number doesn't work anymore.”

That was weeks ago. The address on the check is not a real address and the bank could not process the check.

"I'm trying to be strong for him and it's really hard because I see my son getting worse in front of me, and now I have to deal with this man,” Morales-Ruiz said.

After talking with News 4 Wednesday morning, Morales-Ruiz decided to file a police report.

Now, she’s hoping someone finds the dog so she might have another chance at making the sale for her son.

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