Oklahoma agency reverses stance on publishing grower processor addresses

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OKLAHOMA CITY- In response to safety concerns from growers, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority has decided to take the physical addresses of grower and processors in the state off its website.

"If you know where they are at, it sets them up for thieves." said John Frasure.  The cannabis activist is upset about the OMMA publishing the addresses of marijuana growers and processors.

"We didn’t initially, necessarily, know specifically what information we would be sharing publicly but we received numerous Open Records requests for that information. It is public record, open to the public, so that was kinda the decision to make those lists public," said Melissa Miller, of the OMMA.

Those lists went public on Oct.  31.

According to police records in Norman, a house belonging to a registered grower/processor was targeted by thieves the next day. In the report, the victim stated that he believed he was targeted because he is a grower.

"Victim stated that he has recently been approved a marijuana grower's license. Victim stated that on 11/1/2018 all growers' names and addresses were published online. Victim was planning to use the vacant residence to grow marijuana," the report states.

"We are going to get robbed. People are going to come and try to take the product and pretty much dismiss what we are doing right now," said Samantha Ditata.  She owns Green Plus CBD in Oklahoma City, but she is also a grower processor.

"The pharmacies don’t have registered publicly where they are getting their drugs from, so why would they register growers and have them for public knowledge?" she said.

The OMMA has now taken down the actual street addresses of the growers on their website, leaving just the city and zip code.

"Since the industry has raised some concerns, we are going to address those concerns by actually removing the addresses from the list of growers and processors," said Miller.

But some think the cat is already out of the bag

"The addresses are already out there for a bunch of people, so what are they gonna do? Get up and move because the OMMA decided to publish their address?" said John Frasure.

The OMMA does point out that the law requires all grower processors to have appropriate security measures on their properties.

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