Alleged truck thief caught by its owner hunting nearby in Pottawatomie County

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POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY, Okla. -  Deputies say a man stole the wrong person's car, when he soon discovered its owner was an armed hunter nearby.

Alexander Emery was arrested Wednesday for auto theft.

Emery allegedly walked out of a wooded area near 45th and Bethel Road and let himself into the pickup truck, even started to drive it away.

Before he could get away, the owner of the truck confronted him, armed with a deer rifle.

Deputies say the hunter had been perched in a tree stand watching Emery approach and get into the vehicle.

"The hunter had the drop on him, he had the rifle," said Undersheriff J.T. Palmer. "You put yourself where you`ve got to make a decision what you`re going to do."

The hunter wasn't going to let him get away.

"When he was walking towards him, he actually drove his truck towards, him," Undersheriff Palmer said.

When he stopped him, Emery allegedly said, "I just thought you dropped it off here for me," before escaping into the woods.

But a distinctive lightening tattoo on his face helped deputies find him the next day walking down the street.

"We contacted the jail here in Pottawatomie County to see if they had any people that had been booked into the jail over the years with a tattoo across his face," Undersheriff Palmer said. "We were able to obtain four or five photos of different subjects."

"He actually made a statement to the deputy that he was happy that he got arrested because at least he`ll have three hot meals and a cot for a bed the next few days," the undersheriff said.


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