Council votes to expand first MAPS 3 Senior Health and Wellness Center

OKLAHOMA CITY- The first MAPS 3 Senior Health and Wellness Center will soon be expanded following a vote by the city council.

On Tuesday, the Oklahoma City Council voted to approve a $3.5 million expansion to the center, which opened in 2017 near Rockwell and Hefner Ave.

Officials say the center has far exceeded its goal with more than 5,600 members and about 620 visitors each day.

The additional funding will allow the city to purchase five acres of land near the property for an expanded parking lot and an extra gym with locker rooms. It will also expand the existing locker rooms, add flexible spaces for activities and classes and add outdoor recreation space. Healthy Living and Fitness also plans to install a second pool with private funding.

“The expansion is going to help the senior center stay successful,” said MAPS 3 Program Manager David Todd. “Membership has already grown much faster than anyone expected, and we’re fortunate to have funding available to provide more room and more amenities. It’s a great fit for the community.”

The additional funding for the first center comes from the estimated $31 million in extra sales tax and interest available for MAPS 3 projects.