Lottery heist caught on camera

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A lottery ticket heist caught on camera.

Police say a man wearing a blue bandana walked into an Oklahoma City convenience store with a shotgun and stole cigarettes, cash and lottery tickets. Then, he went around the corner to another store to redeem them.

“People don't want to work,” said Viley Chanthavong, the Clerk at Council Quick Stop. “They don't want to do anything honest."

Chanthavong was terrified when the man seen on camera came in his store carrying a shotgun.

“He said put the money in the bag and give me some cigarettes,” said Chanthavong. “I asked him what size and then he said give me lottery tickets and he asked for a certain kind which was weird."

The man also stole a change jar while pointing the gun directly at the clerk.

“Startled,” said Chanthavong. “Nervous. I already knew what it was so I just did whatever he said, hopefully I didn't get shot.”

Police say about an hour after the man left, he went to another store just a few minutes away to redeem the stolen lottery tickets.

“The lottery commission was notified a day later and that is when our investigators were able to determine where these tickets were taken and redeemed,’ said Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police.

He redeemed the tickets for $22. The lottery commission says there safeguards in place, unfortunately the commission wasn't notified in time to void the tickets.

The clerk left stunned and hopes the suspect is caught before someone gets hurts.

“He's going to try somewhere else,” said Chanthavong. “All you can do is do what he asks and hopefully he doesn't pull the trigger.”

Police say although there was only one man seen in the video, they don't believe he was acting alone.

If you recognize the man or have any information, give Crime Stoppers a call.

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