Police: Flight diverted to Will Rogers World Airport because of “belligerent” passenger

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A flight headed to Phoenix from Nashville over the weekend had to make an emergency landing at Will Rogers World Airport because of a "belligerent" passenger. It happened on Saturday.

"This was on a flight from Nashville to Phoenix. They diverted to Oklahoma City when the woman became argumentative, and belligerent and really out of control on the flight,” said MSgt. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Knight is talking about Caleena Johnson, who was belligerent on the flight, according to the flight crew.

According to the police report, several passengers complained they had been threatened by Johnson and she refused to cooperate with the flight crew.

"Flight made an emergency landing here in Oklahoma City, where officers took the woman into custody,” Knight said. "She was clearly intoxicated, heavily intoxicated. While they were taking her to jail, at some point, she decided to lay down in the seat and kick the window out of the police car she was being transported in.”

The officers had to use a restraining device to cinch Johnson's feet together.

Johnson was allegedly being verbally abusive to the officers in the car. At one point, she said to them “I hope you die a slow and painful death.”

"They then continue the transport on to jail, where she was booked in without further incident,” Knight said.

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