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Holiday meals go on as planned, despite damage to original location

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Marilyn Long wasn't going to let a car through a building ruin her holiday spirit. Therefore, this Thanksgiving she is preparing over a hundred meals for people right here in the community.

Marilyn Long has been planning for this day for an entire year, preparing Thanksgiving dinner for nearly 300 people.

“We got gravy, we got the mash potatoes in the stove, we got the green beans, we got the dressing,” said Long.

However, this day almost didn't happen. On Monday, the Northeast Resource Center, where she was planning to host the dinner, was suddenly damaged.

“Someone yelled Ms. Long your building, a car is inside of it,” said Long.

The car smacked right into the building nearly canceling her holiday plans. Three people were hospitalized after the car drove into one side of her facility. It happened as Long was prepping hundreds of Thanksgiving boxes for families, and a large holiday meal for people she expects to show up Thursday.

“We're expecting over 200- probably 300, 400- in today,” said Long.

Marilyn owns a home on northeast 23rd and Highland Drive, not too far from the Center; she fixed it up and got it ready just in time to prepare a home cook meal.
However, she didn't have much help until News 4 aired a story about her efforts the night before.

“We saw it on Channel 4 last night, and it just tugged at my heart because I didn't realized she didn't really have any help,” said Viki Walk.

Vicki and Rick Walk said they're ready to make this a Thanksgiving tradition.

“She's a sweet lady, so I just think this is going probably be what we're going to try to do,” said Walk.

Ms. Marilyn said she doesn't know her plans for resource center right now, but she knows her faith will drive her to keep on giving.

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