Oklahoma City family reeling from early morning house and truck fire

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OKLAHOMA CITY — A homeowner lost everything in a house fire early Thanksgiving morning and then almost lost his life when he fell asleep in his truck and it caught fire.

It happened early Thursday morning at a home near SW 62nd and Western.

"He said 'dad, I heard something' and then the bedroom was just totally on fire. The whole bedroom,” Victor Medina told News 4.

Medina said it happened so fast. One minute, he was enjoying Thanksgiving festivities with his loved ones and the next minute, his home was on fire.

"One of the occupants was telling us that they believe a space heater fell over. It was too close to combustibles,” Battalion Chief Russell Huffman with the OCFD told News 4.

"It's been on for a couple months and never had a problem and like it literally, my son heard a big boom, I guess it blew up and it caused the whole house to go on fire,” Medina said.

Several hours after that, the Medina was in his truck that was parked in the driveway trying to get some sleep when our news crew heard the engine start to rev up.

Photojournalist Kevin Josefy noticed fire under the truck. So he ran over to the truck, banged the window and woke Medina up.

Our crews called 911 and when firefighters arrived, they told Medina the fire sparked because of faulty wiring in the truck.

"They said it caught on fire and it burnt the radiator hose. The radiator hose blew up, which extinguished the fire,” Medina said.

It was an unexpected, devastating Thanksgiving morning. However, Medina is still finding hope among the ashes.

"I ain't got no turkey. I'm just blessed to be alive. My son told me dad we're alive, that's all that matters. Both of my boys, they're good and like I said, I got wins on the way,” Medina said. “I'm just going to have to recover, and the Lord is with me.”

Fire crews said the home had no working smoke detectors.

They want to remind you to periodically check your smoke detectors and if you have a space heater, keep it at least three feet away from combustible items.

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