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Oklahoma City puts on Willy Wonka style contest to win the first free ride on the OKC Streetcar

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Just like Charlie in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, 500 Oklahomans have the opportunity to win a golden ticket inside a chocolate bar.

"You can win a chance for a preview ride on the streetcar before we launch on the 14th if you get a bar with a golden ticket,” Public Information Officer for EMBARK Michael Scroggins said.

The Oklahoma City Streetcar has been in the works for years and the construction has been a process to say the least. Many businesses -- and drivers -- challenged by the road blocks.

"These folks are our neighbors now. We have stops and platforms. I see one right over here. We consider them our neighbor and we want to do everything we can to help them be successful," Scroggins said.

More than 50 businesses will have chocolate bars. In all -- more than 4,000 bars will be handed out.

EMBARK hopes the lucky picks will happen on Small Business Saturday.

"You know don't forget. Those are our friends. Our family. They're creating jobs here locally and creating local products,” Scoggins said.

A national effort to shop local on Saturday. The Black Scintilla in midtown is along the OKC Streetcar route. The owner will be handing out the free candy bars Along with a tote and other offers this weekend.

"It's kind of another fun incentive to bring people out and those that are out have something fun to grab along the way,” Rachael Gruntmeier, Black Scintilla Owner said.

The purpose is to encourage local business.

"The more we shop local the more it helps our state, our roads, our communities, our schools so it's another benefit to doing it and you're just building great relationships with those in your community," Gruntmeier said.

"Because that also impacts the ability to provide transit services and police and fire services because it's all supported by the general revenue fund which is our sales tax dollars," Scroggins said.

Using your sweet tooth cravings to get you in the doors of local businesses.

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