Family feud ends in trip to the hospital

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A woman was rolled off on a stretcher and a man carted off to jail after a family brawl on Black Friday.

It happened near S.E. 55th and Sunnylane.

Police say a husband and wife got in a fight over other women. At some point, the woman’s son stepped in and the husband allegedly picked him up and threw him onto the woman, crushing her knee.

Investigators say there was talk of gun, so the man left the house and was locked out. But as he tried to leave, police say the son came outside and smashed the windows out on his car. To retaliate, he got out of his car and smashed the windows out on his wife’s SUV.

Realizing he was blocked in by her SUV in the driveway, he used the front yard instead, mowing down the mailbox.

Police, the fire department and an ambulance responded to the scene.

“Roommate went outside to smoke, hollers at me from inside as I’m letting the dogs out in the backyard,” said Donald Cheek. “Tells me that there’s about four or five cop cars over here. So, we just walk out to the front.”

Neighbors say crime in the area is nothing new.

“Like, we have regular stabbings down at the apartment complexes,” said Kyle Simms. “There’s been a couple of shootings down there. We had a shooting across the street from our house, twice I think.”

The husband was taken to jail for domestic violence and the woman was taken to the hospital.

“People are stupid nowadays. That’s about all I can say,” said Cheek. “For the people involved, I know that definitely has to suck. I mean it is somebody’s family, so it’s got to be bad for them.”

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