Police assisting in Midwest City skate park fire investigation

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. - A fire investigation now involves police after a portion of a local skate park was found engulfed in flames.

On Wednesday evening, Midwest City firefighters responded to the Jack Guthery-Kiwanis Park on S. Midwest Boulevard to find one of the skate ramps on fire.

Major David Richardson told News 4 that they called 911 after their own initial investigation.

"Being a concrete structure here with a steel and plastic ramp, fire crews must have had enough reason to believe to ask for assistance from the police department in this case," Richardson said.

According to Richardson, police assistance in a fire investigation is 'fairly normal' if there is any sort of suspected foul play or malicious intent. However, Richardson said it's too soon to tell exactly what the origin of the fire was.

"Sometimes, they’re accidents that get out of control, but spontaneously catching on fire probably wasn’t what the fire crew thought was normal so they called the police for help," he said. "It helps us to figure out if there are any trends. Maybe this is a one time deal. If it was kids or someone that came over did it, maybe they get bold and want to do it again so at least, if we have the police involved, then we could do the necessary actions and have them in place to prosecute someone should they catch someone."

When our news crew stopped by the park Friday, the skate ramp was still marked off with caution tape.

Violet Gregory does not live far from the park. She and her father drove past the blaze on Wednesday evening.

"We saw a big bright light, and I thought it was just somebody camp-firing out there but no… the whole skate park was like on fire," Gregory said. "I was mesmerized. I didn’t know that somebody or something could do that."

As authorities continue to investigate, frequent park goers like Rick Horn wait for answers.

"Once the results come out, I’ll be paying attention and, if they do attribute it to arson, then that would be pretty depressing that somebody would actually do that but hopefully they won’t find that and it was just an accident," Horn told News 4.

Anyone with information should contact the Midwest City Police Department at 405-739-1306. They can also reach the Midwest City Fire Department at 405-739-1340.

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